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New Mexico Geology — Back-issues


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Volume: 33, 2011

Volume 33, Number 1
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Number: 1

  1. Chronology of colluvial apron deposition within Canada del Buey, Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico (753 KB PDF), pp. 3-8.
    — Kenneth Lepper, Kelly Crowell, and Cathy Wilson
  2. New optical age of the Mescalero sand sheet, southeastern New Mexico (608 KB PDF), pp. 9-16.
    — Stephen A. Hall and Ronald J. Goble
Volume 33, Number 4
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Number: 4

  1. Geomorphology, hydrology, and alluvial stratigraphy in lower Chaco Canyon do not support the possible existence of prehistoric sand-dammed ephemeral lakes (2.35 MB PDF), pp. 107-123.
    — David W. Love, Mary L. Gillam, Larry V. Benson, Richard Friedman, Phil L. Miller, and Kirk R. Vincent
  2. Gallery of Geology - Cretaceous fossil fish from New Mexico? (1.83 MB PDF), pp. 124-125.
    — Spencer G. Lucas and Robert N. Sullivan
  3. In memory of William R. Muehlberger (205 KB PDF), pp. 126-127.
    — Paul W. Bauer

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