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Virtual Field Trip to the basalts of the
Zuni-Bandera Malpais
El Malpais National Monument

As part of the 2000 Rockin' Around New Mexico Workshop, held in Grants, New Mexico, we visited several areas in the Zuni-Bandera Volcanic Field (which occupies much of the El Malpais National Monument) that show distinctive features of the physical volcanology of basaltic eruptions. These features include pahoehoe lava flows, a-a lava flows, a lava tube, an ice-bearing lava tube and a cinder cone. As part of the workshop, participants (see acknowledgements below) were tasked with taking photos and GPS locations of interesting features, and also preparing figure captions of the features that they photographed. This website is a result of their efforts. If you have any questions or comments about the material presented here, send an email to me (Nelia Dunbar).

active flow
Active Hawaiian lava flow, 1988


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Thanks to the following Rockin' Participants contributed to the material provided on this website: : Laura Cady, Judith Chaddick, Loretta Crawford, Richard Darling, Joe Ford, Evonne Gantz, Colleen Garden, Claudia Gleason, Pinky Halama , Laura Howe, Amy J. John, Keith Julian, Cecilia Lucero, Francis Padilla, Debbie Prell, Rosemary Sanchez, Mary Savacheck, Millie Sigman, Rhonda Spidell, Dave Thurston, Sarah Weaver, Becky Wing, David Wyatt. Please let me know if I missed anyone!

Thanks also to Bureau of Geology staff who helped with the field trip, and provided material, assistance and reviews for the website: Richard Chamberlin, Leo Gabaldon, Lynn Heizler, Patty Jackson, Dave Love, Mark Mansell, Virginia McLemore, Adam Read, Peter Scholle, Dana Ulmer and Susie Welch.